Metgin has founded in 1989 in Nicosia Cyprus with two schoolmate MehMET Hatay and EnGİN Yeşilada.

Today Metgin manages and directs the retail and wholesale’s sectors dynamics. With 95 employee, 55 Sales & Marketing vehicles and 3100 m2 office & warehouse area, Metgin is  one of the leading companies in the market.

Our story started with green peas importation from the Netherlands. Today we are representing world’s well known and leader companies and brands in North Cyprus. Kraft Foods, Henkel-Schwarzkopf, Friesland Campina, Danone, Arla, Savola Group, Itex-Iceland are some of our representing companies, which have global annual revenue more than billion US dollars.

We are also representing well known Turkish companies and brands, such as Evyap, Kent, Tamek, Bahçıvan, Banvit, Namet, Katsan, Pakmaya.

We have been holding ISO 9000 quality certificate since 2004.

Metgin is in every moment of life….